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Eyal Kimel


The office caters to the legal needs of clients and companies in the fields of commercial and civil law.

Supporting clients’ legal needs in their different commercial activities: from the very startup through the management of a working business, Including founders and partnership agreements, joint ventures, client & supplier agreements, employment relations, protection of intellectual property and commercial secrets, and more.

The support can be limited to a single consultation concerning a narrow legal matter, or as broad as providing legal advice on an ongoing basis.

In the field of Labor-Law, the office assists employees and employers in all fields of labor law, from the employment agreement, through consulting employees and employers about legal action and litigation, and finally, termination of labor relations.

In the field of Intellectual Property, the office helps clients with the protection of their brand, through the protection of copyrights, trademarks, and design patents.

In the field of Real Estate, the office represents clients, in negotiations for the sale and purchase of houses, apartments, and commercial real estate.

In addition, the office assists clients in the fields of civil litigation, such as torts and damages, enforcement of court decrees etc…

Eyal Kimel, Adv., has 23 years of experience in representing clients in negotiations, drafting, and reviewing contracts, and navigating complex legal matters to help clients achieve their goals while protecting their interests.

Eyal Kimel, Adv., holds a Masters's degree (LL.m) in Law, from the Faculty of Law, at the University of Toronto.

Some of Eyal's notable achievements include successful resolutions for numerous commercial and labor law cases, including negotiations, mediations, and litigations. In addition, Eyal was the in-house Legal Counselor, of one of Israel’s largest corporations for five years.

Eyal is a member of the Labor Law forum of the IBA (Israel Bar Association), a member of the team of consultants of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Haifa and the North, a Business Mentor for “Keren Shemesh (est. by the Edmond J. Safra Foundation) and Latet Atid, A certified Mediator, listed as a Private Mediator at the Israeli Judicial System, and the founder of the Center for Community Mediation of the BizMakeBIZ business community.


Adv. Eyal Kimel

Tel. +972-77-4020935

Mobile  +972-54-5933320 

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